"It's perfect for Schools" User Interview

We caught up with Head of School at St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy, Vicky Minihane to discuss the impact SchoolCal has made with parents and governors.


Q. What did you do before using SchoolCal?

Communication was a bit of an issue, we have the school website, printed newsletters and also a text messaging service.  We found some parents wouldn’t visit the website regularly or see the letters and often forget about certain text messages.  

Thinking about it, we now save so much time and effort by using SchoolCal with everything in one place and have really reduced the amount we print.


Q. Did you have any concerns  before starting?

I’m not a massive IT person and as the main user of SchoolCal I wondered how I would cope however, it’s so easy to use, it’s perfect for schools.  I can even use SchoolCal on my mobile when i’m out on school trips.


Q. What would you say to another school about SchoolCal?

To be honest I think schoolcal is great, there’s no negatives really.  When another school recommends SchoolCal, you know it's good!


Q. Did you include Mum’s and Dad’s in the role out of SchoolCal?

We’ve included everyone, Mums, Dads and even some Grandparents on the odd occasion. One nice aspect is that we can engage separated families and keep Dads that might not be able to visit school during the week completely up to date.

We’ve also rolled out SchoolCal to include Governors.  One member of our Governing body is 82 years old and absolutely loves using SchoolCal.

Q. Have you recommended SchoolCal  to other schools?

I’m liaising with the Head of School at another primary, I think she is already sold on SchoolCal.