"We use it all the time!" St Hild's Secondary School

Nerys kindly shared some of her experiences of using SchoolCal and the impact we’ve made within the School.

Q. What are some of the main differences?

We rarely print letters/newsletters anymore.  This not only saves money for the school but loads of time printing, distributing and occasionally posting.  

Our staff even engage parents by sending feedback about homework such as “excellent homework, great job”.  Most of the time the parents know about praise before the kids and we send it to both parents!


Q. Have you had much feedback from parents?

They love the fact they now receive only news and information specific to their child/class and year group.  We use to send bulk texts but now engage more intelligently with our parents.

They often comment how they know any information they need will be on their personalised SchoolCal feeds.


Q. What else has changed?

We’ve also made significant savings against texts but what makes even more of a difference is how positive our parents and staff are about SchoolCal.  We use it all the time!


Q. How do you find using SchoolCal?

I love using it, i’m even having a bit of fun whilst using SchoolCal! We now even have house groups set up and I notify parents when someone in their group has earned more points for the House, it’s added fun to the competition and improves  parental engagement!

I love using it, i’m even having a bit of fun whilst using Schoolcal!
— Nerys Roberts - Administration & Systems Manager