Barlow Hall on achieving better value by using SchoolCal with parents

We caught up with Stuart recently to hear how things have changed since the introduction of SchoolCal.


Q. What were your objectives before starting

Cost was a major factor in our decision making. Our previous text messaging system charged the school on a per text basis as well as an annual licence fee and as we communicate with our parents on a daily basis, I felt we could achieve better value.

It became evident that a push notifications system could complete the same task but that the school would only have to pay an annual licence fee. 

SchoolCal was the only system we viewed that could send messages to individual parents as well as year groups, classes & the whole school, which was a decisive factor in us signing up.


Q. Just under a year in, how’s SchoolCal changed things?

We've streamlined our processes by using SchoolCal & all communication to parents is now done electronically using the SchoolCal app. There's now no need to spend time & resources sending out paper letters to parents, SchoolCal does this all for us!


Q. How did your parents react to SchoolCal?

As with planning any change, we consulted first with our parents explaining the benefits of using the SchoolCal app. Some did have initial concerns but after we had talked them through the sign-up process, all parents had signed up within a 3-4 week period.

Now we simply explain to parents that we use the app to communicate everything we do in school during the admissions process.


Q. Anything else to report?

SchoolCal gives us a cost effective way to communicate with our parents. The app reduces our costs on paper & printing supplies & also saves our admin staff time, allowing them to complete other tasks