SchoolCal Docs: helping schools to keep parents in the loop

SchoolCal Docs is a perfect solution for storing documents, letters and class resources that parents can access at anytime, from any device.  Compatible with any file type, documents can easily be uploaded into the relevant class, year or group folders.

We built Docs with SchoolCal Messenger in mind meaning files and folders can be quickly shared with any contact, class or group making is easy to alert parents when a new document is added or letter sent home.  Alerts can be sent immediately or scheduled for a future time and date, files can even be linked directly to a date in the calendar, perfect for school trips.

Folders can be set up for any purpose from individual class resources and residential trips to the school newsletter and letters home.  Permissions can also be set on folders or an individual file allowing you to restrict who can access information.

We print significantly less because we can attach newsletters/letters, this is great for costs and we use a fraction of the number of trees that we use too.
Our Parents and Governors now know the information they need is on SchoolCal, it’s that simple.
— Vice Principal, Our Lady’s and St Chad Catholic Academy

SchoolCal Docs is another way we are saving schools money whilst making it simple to keep parents and governors in the loop with school activities.