Is it time to ditch the parent texts?

Parental engagement is massive when it comes to things outside of the school gates that positively influence a child’s outcome.  School leaders know this, Ofsted know this, in fact anyone who works with children knows this.

The problem is, how do schools engage parents more whilst having less money?

The Department for Education ‘review of best practice in parental engagement’ suggests using ICT technology such as text messaging alongside traditional newsletters – the only problem being this was written back in 2011 when school budgets were healthy and smartphone ownership was around 35%.

Sending more text messages and printing more newsletters is not the answer to effectively increasing parental engagement in 2017, put simply schools do not have the money and parents expect more than 140 characters.  

Technology has evolved since 2011, text messages have been replaced by push notifications or app alerts and for good reason.  A school app such as SchoolCal allows schools to send unlimited messages, pictures and documents.

The right school app is a hub for parents, a place they can find information that relates to their child alongside whole school news.  SchoolCal is proven to help schools who were previously;

  • spending too much on communicating with parents (either by text message or printed letters home),
  • having problems getting parents to visit their website for information,
  • limited by their budget on what information they could send out to parents.

Our SchoolCal App is proven to engage parents, save money and reduce calls into the office.  Schools and parents love how easy our app is to use and we are proud of our testimonials.    

To discuss how we are enabling schools to communicate more whilst spending less, please get in touch or schedule a call at a time to suit you.