USER INTERVIEW : : How SchoolCal has transformed communication with parents

We spent some time with Louisa, School Business Manager at Revvy Hill Primary School and asked how SchoolCal is being used to engage parents across the school.  


Q. What's you overall impression since using SchoolCal Messenger?

A. It's fab, we love it.  Our parents are not only more engaged, they're also more positive.  It's made a real difference.


Q. Are there any specific areas where SchoolCal has improved engagement?

Unlike with texts we don't worry about how many characters we use plus we can send as many messages, images and documents as required without taking short cuts or incurring additional costs.


Q. Do you have any examples of when SchoolCal has exceeded expectations?

A. Our Deputy Head Teacher was able to engage all parents of the children on a class trip to Whitby.   He sent notifications to parents from the SchoolCal App when they arrived, updates during the day and notified all parents when they were stuck in traffic on the way back.  This worked perfectly and it made a nice change that he didn't have to ask someone back at school to do this.


Q.  Has there been an impact on any other members of staff?

A. Overall teaching and support staff are being asked fewer questions because our parents know where to find the latest news relevant to their child or children.


Q. Have you had any feedback from parents?

They also love it, it's so much easier for them having everything in one place including letters and messages.  Parents are always talking about SchoolCal and recommending it to new parents. 

Furthermore, we were able to demonstrate this feedback to OFSTED who were delighted with how we engage our parents and wider community.


Q. What impact has SchoolCal Messenger made on your annual budget?

We've saved over £750 compared with our previous text system, however we often had to purchase additional bundles which cost a small fortune.  We rarely print off letters, permission slips or indeed the newsletter anymore which will also make a nice saving. 


Q. Would you recommend SchoolCal?

We think it's great.  SchoolCal provided us with excellent customer service whenever we need it.  We're also converting to academy and plan to show the Multi Academy Trust what we do so they can use SchoolCal both at Trust and academy level.


What to find out more, get in touch to ask any questions or to arrange a demonstration