SchoolCal Docs built to work with SchoolCal Messenger

As a standalone product SchoolCal Docs is a safe, secure and accessible way of storing all school files and with our permissions feature you can easy place restrictions on who can view and have access to each file or even complete folders. 

Teamed up with Messenger and you can seamlessly collaborate, communicate and engage with everyone connected to your school, trust or organisation.

Link files and folders to calendar entries :  link files to diary dates, meeting and appointments ensuring everyone has access to the most recent information whilst only having to update one place

Start a conversation :  team's, committee and groups can collaborate, share ideas and comments on documents, perfect for feedback on new policies or to share ideas across schools. 

Alerts, reminders and messages :  schedule alerts for document review dates, send a message if documents are updated and  

Share contacts, groups and settings across platforms, any groups, committee and classes set up in Messenger will be linked through to SchoolCal Docs platform making sharing files and folders with the right people even easier.