USER INTERVIEW: Louisa, on saving over £500 per month and parent champions

We recently caught up with Louisa to find out what impact SchoolCal has made at Our Lady’s and St Chad Catholic Academy, Wolverhampton.  SchoolCal is used across the academy for Parents, Governors and Staff.


Q. Why did you start using SchoolCal?

Communication across the academy is my responsibility, until now we’ve used several techniques which are expensive, both in terms of time and cost.  SchoolCal allows us to have one easy to use communication platform and notify just the right people, at the right time.


Q. Have you received any feedback?

Our parents simply love SchoolCal.  Parents even champion SchoolCal to other parents.  The positive feedback keeps on coming, we even received a letter of thanks from one parent who was previously quite negative regarding our communication techniques.


Q. Any feedback from your Governors?

Our Governors enjoy having resources such as minutes, agendas, dates and other documents at their fingertips.  Whether using a laptop, tablet or even their mobile.


"Communication with Parents, Governors and Staff is simple, cheap and extremely effective"  


Q. Do you think SchoolCal provides good value for money?

We’re saving over £500 per month against using texts.  We print significantly less because we can attach newsletters/letters, this is great for costs and we use a fraction of the number of trees that we use too.

Our Parents and Governors now know the information they need is on SchoolCal, it’s that simple and I often hear people say “have you checked SchoolCal? That’s where I saw the message”


Q. Are you willing to recommend SchoolCal?

In truth, I already have.  One of our primary sites is now experiencing the SchoolCal effect and I’m meeting with my peers to share the news very soon!