What our parental engagement app means to our customers

We asked our customers what impact SchoolCal has had in their school, we are delighted with the answers.  Try SchoolCal in your school and see the impact across the school.


1. Fewer calls and emails into school

Parents can easily search for information without needing to call the school office and can access SchoolCal from any device, anywhere and at any time.

Schools can schedule when reminders or important information is sent and quickly pick who receives a message, whether it is the whole school, one or more classes, right down to an individual parent or group.

Reevy Hill Primary School noticed a drop in the number of questions school staff and teachers were being asked once SchoolCal was launched.

2. Improved usage of the school website

Link SchoolCal to your website and direct parents and governors to specific pages or content at the right time. 

Through the use of the SchoolCal alert system, it has given schools the ability to reduce the number of paper letters sent home.

Our Lady’s and St Chad Academy have reduced the amount of paper being used by alerting parents directly to news available on the school website.  They are confident that the latest news is being received without the need for paper copies. Positive feedback has been received from parents about this change.

3. A controlled version of social media

Unlimited pictures, characters and links allows a school to send engaging content to parents and governors.

Schools have full control over who is connected to their school at all times and if a school does use social media, sites relevant content can be easily shared directly from SchoolCal.

Sacred Heart RC Primary use SchoolCal to share pictures of school life and can breakdown who sees the content by class, groups or individuals which has had a great response from parents.