User Interview : : Ashleigh has saved over £1,200 per year and has more positive parents

With savings of over £1,200 per year and more positive parents it's easy to see why SchoolCal is getting a great response from parents and staff at Sacred Heart RC Primary, Lancashire  

Interview with Ashleigh Heaton, SBM at Sacred Heart RC Primary School.


Q. How have you found your experience with SchoolCal?

It’s been really good, not just for staff but for parents as well.  Parents see it as a controlled version of social media and use the images we upload to relate to the various articles and news about the school and their child/children


Q. How have your parents reacted to SchoolCal?

Many of our parents are quite nervous when it comes to change.  We sent them screen shots and posters showing what they can expect from SchoolCal.  Once they realised just how much useful information would be accessible in one location they quickly came on-board.


Q. Have you received any additional feedback since from Parents?

Our parents have said how much they enjoy using SchoolCal they’re very positive about it and even more positive about the school as a whole.


Q. It great to see that you’re using SchoolCal to help engage staff as well?

We have no limits on the number of contacts we have in the system and the staff really appreciate having access to important key dates anytime, anywhere.


Q. Has the school saved money by subscribing to SchoolCal?

We have saved £1,200 on purchasing text messages alone and because there are no limits on what we can send we’re engaging our parents more frequently with relevant information.  No more character counting or buying additional bundles which we hadn’t budgeted for.  We’ve also reduced how much we print substantially, a nice environmental saving as well.


Q. How have you found the service from SchoolCal?

Set-up was completed within days of us ordering.  Service is speedy and feels like the support is there when we need anything.  SchoolCal is really easy to use so we don’t have too many queries, overall the service and support is actually really good.

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