4 simple ways SchoolCal creates better informed and more engaged parents

 1. Accessible Information

Whether is it a last minute reminder for a school trip, a copy of the latest newsletter or pictures of the sports team victory, everything is accessible in one place and easy for parents to find.

 SchoolCal can also quickly point parents to your website


2. Unlimited Communication

No more counting characters!  We created SchoolCal on the belief that sharing the day to day activities alongside the big achievements leads to better informed and more engaged parents.  Which is why SchoolCal does not have any limits on use.  No bundles, add-ons or extras, just unlimited messages, pictures, documents, diary dates and contacts.


3. Personalised Engagement

Easily personalise how you engage with parents by selecting who should receive a specific message.  From individuals to classes, entire year groups or any group you choose.

SchoolCal groups can be used for anything from sports teams to school trips.


4. Greater Collaboration

SchoolCal can be used anywhere on any device, giving you the option to allow others in school to create, schedule and send messages.  Send live updates from school trips, personalised praise or simply share the workload. 


 Bonus benefit of SchoolCal - reduce costs!

Our schools are saving £1,000's per year by using SchoolCal, set up is quick, easy and includes on-site system training with on-going support.  Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying:

“ A lot of parents are engaging into it and I’ve put loads on the calendar today which looks fab!! Love it! ” SBM at Sacred Heart Lancashire


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