Communication without limits: It's about the messages you want to send but can't afford too

A question I often ask is 'What kind of messages are you currently sending to parents?" The most popular response goes something along the lines of "As few as possible, we spend a fortune". 

What this means in practice is that the communication system which was invested into with the intention of boosting parental engagement is reserved solely for the most critical of messages; pupil absences, money chasing or school closures. 

But what about all the positive messages, the pupil and school achievements, the termly highlights and good news stories, not to mention the daily letters home, pictures, diary dates and reminders?  All to often these get pushed onto the website or to social media accounts where they receive the minimal of views.  As a parent of 3 the last place I think to visit after the trauma of bedtime is the nursery or school website.

We believe sharing the day to day, the big and small achievements, reminders and messages is vital in creating excellent school / parent partnerships which is why SchoolCal does not have any limits on the number of messages, contacts or dates you can send. 

Easily create engaging posts including supporting pictures, links and attachments, schedule the best time to send and choose who receives the messages from individuals, groups or everyone. 

Or simply refer people back your website.


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