Don't wait for parents to visit your website go out and grab them!

Does this ring true with your school website?

You took the decision to invest into a new, beautiful and well structured school website and are supporting it by allocating staffing resource to keep the content fresh, relevant and upto date. 

The plan was for it to be a hub, the one place where you can boast all the achievements, spread all the good news, post notifications and diary dates

The only problem is no one visits it or at least not the people you want to. 

There has to be very little that is more frustrating or demoralising than spending time managing a website to then get very few visitors - this is the problem that many of our schools were facing. 

Schoolcal helps to maximise the investment you made on your website by directing the right people to the right content at the right time. 

Rather than waiting for parents to visit your school website using SchoolCal you can reach out to your parents by scheduling a message to go directly to the people who need to see it and then point them back to the right section on your website, with no need to duplicate content or workloads.  

Reducing the cost of communication

At SchoolCal we believe in communication without limits meaning that not only can you send unlimited messages, reminders and diary dates but also include pictures, documents and letters without worrying about the impact on your budget.  

Don't wait for parents to visit your website go out and grab them!

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