School Governors, would you like that electronically?

When was the last time you asked your governors that question? Throughout the 10 years I have spent supporting schools I have visited at the very least hundreds of schools and nearly every service station on the UK motorway network (Gordano services tops the favourite list!)

Throughout that period technology has been introduced into every aspect of school life from cashless catering to the class registers. There is however one exception to this rule and that is when it comes to school governance where paper still reigns supreme.

In many schools the stereotypical image of a school governor walking into the staff room clutching the equivalent of a small tree of in policies, agendas, minutes is still a regular occurrence (with extras printed for the inevitable person (me) who forgets their copy).

School governors are taking on more responsibilities and their role has become more important as schools have gained increasing autonomy which in practice means more papers to review, more dates to remember and policies to read.

When that question was asked under AOB at a recent meeting it was met with surprising enthusiasm and an over whelming “yes please”. Why not ask it at your next meeting?

SchoolCal isn’t just for parent communications it is for the whole school including governors, PTA’s and SLT’s. Documents be can sent securely to specific committees, dates can be shared and downloaded to personal calendars, messages and emails can be sent to whole committees or just to individuals.

“It is one portal for everything your governors need to fulfil their role as a critical friend effectively and efficiently”

Your governors will have access to all the information they need when they need it on any device using our web, mobile and app platform and for governors who still wish to have a paper copy can print documents straight form SchoolCal.