School Budgets: The new squeezed middle. One way to save your school or MAT £000’s

This is the year the budget cuts are set to impact school budget and it’s going to be a double whammy!

Changes to the employers National Insurance rates and the teachers pension rate will cause a rise of over 2.3% in staffing costs alone, this is in addition to the already challenging budgetary pressures caused by inflation and incremental drift.  Schools will also face a squeeze from the top this year as per pupil rates will be fixed representing a cut in real terms.

Are you in the process of reviewing current contracts, SLA’s and purchases to identify where possible savings can be made to protect classroom / teaching budgets?

School communications is often one budget where significant savings can be made especially if you are you using text, postage or email services as your main communication platform? SchoolCal is a new type of whole school communication that saves schools £000’s and boosts engagement with parents, governors and teaching/support staff.

We believe effective engagement is a vital component in helping schools to maximise the best possible outcomes for their pupils and should not be restricted by budgets which is why we do not limit features, cap messages or the number of contacts a school can have.

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