School Communications, Don’t Forget The Governors or SLT

SchoolCal Whole School Communication

To us effective school communication is more than sending information to parents it about raising engagement across the whole school or Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).  

To have the biggest impact and to make the best use of resources everyone involved with a school should have a shared understanding of the school vision and feel engaged at every level.

We have made it simple for Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) and Governing Bodies to communicate, collaborate and engage with each other either within a single school or across a MAT

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Everything everywhere

Whether it be an agenda for the upcoming Finance Committee meeting or the next SLT training date everyone can access the information they need anywhere on our web and mobile applications that have been designed for any device.

Pre-install the SchoolCal app to school issued tablets and mobile devices to allow staff immediate access to all their relevant communications.

Key dates can be added to personal calendar, documents downloaded and key information bookmarked for easy access.

Personalised Groups

Create groups easily to share confidential, personalised and specific information with, you have complete control over the group set up anything from Key Stage Leaders to the Extended Leadership Team or individual governor committees.

MATs can create groups that span multiple organisations allowing SchoolCal to be the communication portal for the whole trust

Inform & Engage

Send unlimited messages, documents, key dates and more directly to specific contacts or groups, schedule communications to arrive at the right time

Individuals can connect and message each other allowing all school conversations to take place in one portal.  

Efficient & Effective

Reduce the cost of communication and make all conversations more personal, SchoolCal simply makes it easy to keep all your stakeholders engaged.