It texts two to engage

As a school, you have probably puzzled over which platform is best to engage with your parents and governors and may even have text or email systems in place to broadcast updates but do these really engage the people who receive them?

Email vs. text vs. Push Notifications: Which Is More Engaging?

Text messages and email may seem similar to Push Notifications but they have significant differences.


For one it costs a lot to send text messages, many schools only communicate with one parent in order to reduce costs. Push Notifications are free to send meaning you can communicate with everyone you need and at the frequency you want not just what your budget allows.


Push Notifications have higher engagement rates than texts or e-mails because they lead to a personal in app experience. Schools can directly link parents to more news, key dates, ask questions, surveys or many other ways of interacting without the need to open links or go to browsers.

Emails are more engaging that a text as they can include more content, visuals and information however when received / viewed on a mobile can often lead to a poor experience reflecting poorly on a school if links are reliant on websites, pictures or content that are not mobile friendly .

Text and emails are often a broadcasting, one-way communication tool whereas Push Notifications can create effect two-way conversations between the school and parents.


Do you need to send messages quickly? While both texts and Push Notifications have an average open time of 15 minutes, email is nearer 6.5 hours. A typical smartphone is on 16 hours of the day and looked at 150 times a day.

While it’s true that all three tools let you send one message to individuals and groups of people because of the advantages Push Notifications bring; cost, engagement and speed you should definitely consider this type of communication for your school to boost engagement and save money.

Smartphone ownership is showing no signs of slowing down and now mobile devices are the most popular way to access the internet.  Is now the time to look at incorporating Push Notifications into your school communication strategy?

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