3 Steps to Whole School Communication

SchoolCal has been developed by governors, parents and practitioners in education who understand the importance of effective communication throughout the whole school.

We believe effective communication needs to be personal, two-way, relevant and fully embedded into a daily routine which is why we have designed SchoolCal to be just that. Whether it be through one of our mobile apps or via the website our eight templates have been designed to capture everything parents, governors staff, pupils need to know about their school.

“SchoolCal easily fits into school life, saving time and money by delivering communication through a single trusted platform.”

Our templates can be shared with specific audiences meaning only the people you want to see the message will do. You will be in complete control of all school communications with 3 simple steps.


Pick the template best suited for the message. There are 8 to pick from: news/blog article, key date, homework, instant message, praise cards, surveys, messaging or a mailbox item.


Decide when the message should be posted on to your school timeline.


Choose who sees your message from defined audiences including parents, school staff, governors or pupils. This can even be down to an individual person.

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