3 Statements Redefining What Engagement Looks Like In Education

When designing SchoolCal we set out to redefine what engagement, collaboration and communication looks like across the sector and created 3 simple statements underpinned by our create, schedule and share philosophy that would help us to achieve that goal.

1. Support two-way engagement across the whole sector by providing a safe, accessible and personalised experience for everyone.

Whether you are a Multi-Academy Trust, individual school or a membership based organisation, our multi-layered platform can form the backbone of all your internal and external communications.

Add contacts easily and create groups to share specific updates with that can be accessed from any device

2. Reduce the cost of communications, allowing more conversations to take place with the right people and focus more resources into the classroom.

We believe for any engagement to be effective it needs to be embedded into everyday life with the maximum number of stakeholders as possible and not just with people and frequency your budget can afford.

Share unlimited messages to everyone key to your organisation or school as often as you need to.  You will be surprised by how much we can reduce communication costs, supporting you to protect classroom budgets.

3. Provide a platform that people can enjoy using, seen as the go to place for school conversations and to be a product organisations can be proud to share with all their stakeholders.

Stop that important tweet disappearing down timelines, letters going missing in bags or that key calendar date going un-noticed on the website.

SchoolCal is designed to be the go to place for all your updates by bringing together all your existing communication channels under one portal without having to duplicate content.

Involved in more than one school? You will love our Multi-School feature, if you are a MAT or a Headteacher in one school with a child in another all of your schools are brought together into one newsfeed that can be viewed separately or as one.

SchoolCal has been designed from the ground up with the specific goal of being a platform that you will be proud to share with anyone connected to your school that represents your vision, ethos and goals.