Why you should consider using technology in the education boardroom

The use of technology in the boardroom is fairly commonplace in the private sector however as one of my earlier posts touched on it is yet to make a significant break though in the education boardroom, a look at the key benefits will get you asking why not?  

A hub for all strategic conversations

Typically board packs are shared by email or post to school directors, leaders and governors, in practice this means wasted time prior or more frustratingly during meetings to find the right email in order to print off reports, presentations etc.  I’m sure we’ve all asked the question “was I sent that?” to be met with the reply “you were Cc’d into the email sent on the 13th, would you like another copy printed now?”       

In schools where personal email address are often used for communication with governors and academy directors this also relies on individuals creating methods to filter out school documents from the latest Tesco delivery email and Netflix offer.

An online board hub makes is easy for everyone to access the same document at the right time in one consistent secure place.  

Last minute amendments, updates or reports can be shared instantly to all attendees meaning everyone has the latest report for the start of the meeting making mid-meeting print outs a thing of the past.  

Fewer interruptions. Less distraction. Better board meetings.   

We've all been there, silently flicking through a ream of paper to find the specific section of a report being referred to or just the right report amongst the pack, whilst trying to listen and contribute to the conversation taking place. 

A board hub that supports electronic documents can be searched, categorised and filtered to make finding the right information quickly and easily allowing you to concentrate on the conversation taking place.  

Quicker decision making

By having the ability to access more information in meetings will result in decisions being made quicker rather than waiting until the next committee or board meeting.

This is perhaps the one of the biggest benefits of introducing technology within the education boardroom where the ability to have impromptu catch ups or meetings just doesn’t happen to the same degree as in the private sector. 

The right board hub will be a point of reference for all school conversations and will be accessible by everyone.  


"SchoolCal, makes it easy for education leaders, directors and governors to concentrate on what's important"


Web, Mobile and App based: access documents, minutes and agenda’s anywhere on any device and at a time to suit everyone. Easily review papers, open links and share with colleagues

Everything exactly when you need it: quickly search, filter and bookmark content, easily access past papers, meetings and documents

For in-between meetings: share news, updates and key information all year round, providing leadership teams with important updates throughout the year, perfect for MATs who operate across multiple site and meet infrequently directors and governors to keep informed between meetings professional design

Professional design, simple to use: set up take seconds

For organisers too:

  •  share information with specific groups, committees or individuals
  •  Easily plan, schedule and communicate with everyone from using a consistent platform.
  •  Meetings can be schedule in advance and edited to add documents, new attendees and location details at any time.
  •  Message and send reminders to all or specific delegates
  •  Unlimited messages, reminders and contacts