Spotlight on PTA's


SchoolCal is a web, mobile and app based communication platform that can be used by PTA's to communicate with parents easily.  Some of the features include; 

  • Unlimited emails, reminders and messages 
  • Key dates, events, fundraisers can be downloaded into parents calendars (mobile, outlook etc)
  • Documents, letters, agenda's, pictures etc can be uploaded and shared 
  • Ability for parents / PTA to share content with social media sites and email
  • 'Tags' can be created to filter content eg Nursery, Committee Members etc 
  • All content can be scheduled in advance to be shared at a specific time and date (great for reminders the day/night before!)
  • Multiple admins can be created
  • Generate income from local businesses through sponsored adverts 

To find out more about SchoolCal access our demo account or alternatively book at webinar online at a time to suit you.  Both can be done here